Breaking out of the circle

What is the circle? The circle is kind of like a mental blockage, a cycle of failure. It keeps us from doing what we truly want to do. Well we are doing what we want to do while in the circle, even if those are bad things. We have toxic desires that keep us from our ultimate goals. We may try for awhile to break the cycle of the circle, but ultimately end up going back down, and then circling back up and back down. This is better than going down and not coming back up, but in this state you will never achieve what you want, so you’ll ultimately be unhappy and unfulfilled in your life. This has happened to me many times for example with fitness goals. I’ve worked hard at working out, but then end up going in a circle because for awhile I go downhill. What is the point if that is going to happen? I at least have never let myself completely go, but I am not where I desire to be. And I won’t get there if I continue being caught in the circle. This happens with many people on New Years, many people set this goals and go to the gym or workout for like a 2 weeks maybe even only 1, and then they throw in the towel. People want things to happen fast, and when they don’t, many people fail there. Changing the way we are now is not easy by any means. Once you get a taste of the pleasures the current time has to offer, you’d want to be consuming them all you can. Some people use things to fill a void. Us people get used to things, and then do not want to change our ways. Like many people may not be able to live without waking up and going on Facebook or Twitter first thing, and have gotten into the habit of going and refreshing those sites over and over. There is a lot that can be discussed about this, but bottom line is that we get too used to these things and when they are a part of our life that is a pattern we don’t like to change, that makes it hard to be productive. Some people think having a certain schedule can make things better for your life, but what if you live by an unpredictable schedule? You start doing things to switch up life as you are used to it. Not an extreme change, but slowly start changing things. We are caught in the circle for a reason after all, we are caught here because we have bad habits and are too used to how things currently are. For example I’ll take my habit of soda drinking I once had. I liked to drink a glass everyday. Quitting completely just wasn’t possible, I was too used to having it everyday. Sure cutting off access completely would be an option, but that will make the craving reside inside of yourself. Whenever you get the chance, you’ll take that craving up on its offer. What is better is to slowly decrease the amount you drink, and replace it with better habits. I switched from drinking soda, to iced tea. It had that sweetness, and though still bad, it wasn’t as bad as the soda I drank. I also went from the iced tea to drinks like apple juice. I started to drink more water too. Is there a way to ween off of social media and other time wasters? You can first of all try limiting your time online, though some people work online and don’t have that option, you could still make an effort to cut down just a little. If you wanted to replace your social media habit with a better habit like reading, you could start by reading shorter stories and fun articles during time you would have spent refreshing social media. One of the things I mentioned before is that people want things to happen fast, they want things over with fast, they want to go on to the next thing fast, especially if they don’t really enjoy it. So if you aren’t used to reading, you’ll be suffering trying to get through pages, even if it is a good book. You can start by swearing to read 5 pages a day, just 5 pages. Tell yourself you’ve read more than most people on that day (it would be true) and if you make this into a habit everyday, you’ll gradually read more and actually enjoy it. So this rule that applies to everything, is to take it slow. That is how to break out of the circle. Don’t run at it blindly and get caught in the circle. Because progress is still progress, if you keep at it and make it into a good habit, you can stay out of the dreaded circle.


Finding a quiet moment

It can be hard to find a quiet moment, especially with the way the world is now. We have access to so much content, we can keep refreshing and getting new content to make ourselves content. Though with us constantly going through all this stuff, we don’t find much time for quiet moments. You have to make a real effort to find quiet moments in this noisy world. Meditation is very beneficial, so is just finding some time in your day to just sit there and listen to the quiet. Lots of times, important ideas may pop into your head or you may be inspired. You may be able to listen to your gut on something and make a wiser decision. You can be quiet and think of things, or you can meditate and try and clear your mind. Of course you don’t need to have a perfectly clear mind, you can still think of things, but the objective is to let go of those thoughts and not ponder on them too long. Sometimes it is hard to stay consistent with meditation. You want to do it because people say it has all these benefits, but when you do it, you don’t feel the benefits right away. The same goes for many things, we want to get good fast but don’t see the results we want, or if it isn’t a get good quick thing, we abandon ship. With meditation your ego wants to tell you that you are just sitting there wasting time and that after mediating 10 minutes you should be seeing spirits or something. But really, you should just try and get into the habit of finding time for quiet and or meditation, and be consistent and don’t have expectations, just let it all go.

Puppies and Appearances

Everybody loves puppies, unless you don’t, but then you would just be a liar. Unless you genuinely had a bad experience like as a kid maybe a puppy knocked you over, ate your food, pooped in your room, etc. But that is besides the point. Most everyone loves puppies, kittens, basically anything that is young. Little kids/ babies are super cute to everyone too. Isn’t it interesting that as a little kid, everything you do is considered cute, and you don’t even have to do anything to get praise or compliment. Then when you get older you no longer have the puppy effect and if you don’t learn any new tricks, you no longer get praise just for existing. Dogs are still lovable but as the puppy grows people aren’t as fascinated with them. The only thing that would give that dog its initial appeal is to learn cool tricks. This doesn’t mean once they get older they aren’t loved, but it just seems like they don’t get as much love. In nature I guess growing up is more important than staying small and cute, since you need to grow and get strong as soon as possible to survive. Getting older is something that happens to everything, it seems like everyone is trying to appear younger than they actually are though. This goes to show a younger cuter/ more appealing appearance is important to people. Just admitting how old they are is tough for some people. It is too bad we can’t keep our young appearances that we desire, (without plastic surgery, though plastic surgery isn’t very effective, I just needed to mention it anyways) if only we bloomed like flowers and reached our peak with age. Though flowers don’t last long, not any flower I know of. So flowers can stay quiet until they can live past 100 years old. At one point our average age we lived to was like 30 or less maybe even around 20, so that is something. I might write about that, because like wow I would be reaching my final hours already and its scary thinking that because I am not ready. Though death is around the corner and could happen anytime I know that but really I am not ready yet. I wonder if in the future there will be a solution to aging. Like eternal youth, but maybe not for eternity, but just the ability to keep a youthful appearance on the outside even if you are withering on the inside. That would be very confusing if old people were walking around that looked 20. Also very concerning. Old people kind of have a certain voice though so that would kind of be a dead giveaway. At least I hope so. If they look extremely young and stay quiet and somehow get a date with someone younger that would be creepy so I just hope no one ends up falling for the silent type and it ends up being a very old person.


I wish that Pokemon were real

The world of Pokemon, it seems so magnificent. So much better than this world. Kids found themselves getting lost in this fictional world. Who wouldn’t want to go travel around the world collecting animals that basically have super powers? There are lots of cute Pokemon, but also just as many that are scary. Seeing that through the lens of a video game or Television show doesn’t do that justice, though. You’d never know unless you had to experience it yourself. It was late Sunday night, Max had school tomorrow. The screen of his Gameboy lit up his pale face. Max thought about the school day that was inevitably approaching, and a frown etched itself into his face. “A 10 year old like me should be going on a Pokemon journey, not going to the same boring classroom everyday” he thought to himself. Max placed down his Gameboy and tried to go to sleep. As he was drifting off to sleep, he thought “I wish that Pokemon were real”. Max awoke, not where he had fallen asleep. It seemed to be a heavily wooded forest, plant life surrounded him. “Max? Hey, Max!” a familiar voice called out to him. Max leaned up and peered to where the voice came from. It was his brother Ry, and he wasn’t alone. Max’s friend Jared was next to him. Ry walked over to Max with a huge grin and lifted Max to his feet and looked at Max wide eyed. “You’re never going to believe it, oh my god you won’t believe it!” Ry exclaimed. Max had never seen Ry this excited, and he is a pretty excitable guy. Something was different about this though. “Believe what?!” Max wondered. “I don’t know how but Pokemon are real!” “What?” “I said Pokemon are real! Somehow we ended up here, and Pokemon are now reality!” Ry explained. As much as Max would want Pokemon to be real, there is no way he could actually believe this was happening. “You aren’t usually the one to play jokes on me Ry, maybe Jared, but not you.” “I’m being serious little bro!” Ry urged. “He’s not lying dude. Plus, there is no way we could have gotten you out into these woods without waking you up. We don’t even know where we are.” Jared added. Max was wondering if he had been turned into a character in a fantasy story that has crazy things happen to him and then it turns out being just a dream. “If this was a dream, I’d be able to do anything. I’d have control over the people in my dreams too. Jared, run at me and slap me across the face. I’ll just stop you with my mind.” Max instructed. Jared and Ry gave each other concerning looks. “Come on Jared, or I should say dream Jared. I am confident this is a dream. There is no way this could be happening, it makes no sense that I would randomly wake up in the woods. I’m definitely still in bed, the real Ry will be waking me up soon. I’ll wake up to a yummy breakfast Ry made for me. Just come and try and slap me, all the strength you have.” Max reassured him. “I’ve never had a dream so weird, I can’t wait to tell Ry and Jared about this” Max thought to himself. “Ry, I guess I have no choice but to do this” Jared whispered.”Just be gentle, he will understand after stopping you with his mind doesn’t work out.” Ry pointed out. Jared bolted from his position and dashed towards Max. Max was prepared to stop Jared in his tracks with his mind, he had a smug look on his face. Jared extended his arm out behind him, continuing his dash. Jared’s hand swung towards Max’s face, and stopped dead an inch from his face. He froze for a split second, then flicked Max in the nose. Jared had a smile that stretched for a mile and broke out in laughter. “I guess this is real then.” Max mouthed. “That’s what we’ve been tellin’ ya bro!” Ry uttered. “Our dreams have come true, Pokemon are real! Let’s go explore this forest guys!” Jared blurted. “Um don’t we need Pokeballs and a Pokemon of our own first?” Max asked. In the games, it always starts off by meeting with a professor and getting a partner Pokemon, after all. “Don’t worry little bro, I bet somethin will show up if we walk ahead up this path.” Ry insisted. Thick forest surrounded them except for the one open path. Ry took the lead, followed by Max and then Jared. Long lush green grass reached up to their ankles. The boys were trudging forward, just waiting for something to happen. Out of nowhere up about 15 feet away from them, something popped out of the forest and rested on the path. All three boys froze. “What the.. What is that thing?” Ry wondered. “That’s a Butterfree!” Jared stated. “That thing is bigger than a rodent, it’d take more than a butterfly net to catch this monster.” Max grimaced. A butterfly could typically fit on someones palm, but this was a creature around the size of a hawk. In the Pokemon games and show, this creature is very cutesy, with bright animated red eyes. In the real world these eyes are glossy and give off a soulless look, not a pleasant sight for the eyes at all. The body is a big furry lump, different from the smooth look the animated version gave off. The boys started to slowly creep up on the creature. “I want to touch it” Jared uttered. “What?! don’t you think we should be careful?” Ry worried. “It’s just a Butterfree, Ry. It looks creepy, but they are pretty weak. I want to see for myself what a real Pokemon is like.” Jared said. There is no stopping Jared when his mind is set on something, both Ry and Max know this. Ry and Max stayed back as Jared kept creeping forward. Jared got to an arms length away from the creature, and it turned towards him. It stared at him with those creepy glossy eyes, and Jared froze. “Jared what are you doing?!” Max shouted. The creature slammed into Jared, knocking him over as he still is unable to move. Jared started to yell in terror. The creature was about to flap its large white wings. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! YOU’LL ALL BE KILLED!” An unknown voice boomed with intensity.  A figure dove in front of the creature and grabbed Jared and dashed away. A stream of dust gusted from the creature in that moment, it was heading straight for Ry and Max. Ry noticing this fast, got an adrenaline rush and grabbed his brother then dove out of the way right before the dust reached them. Ry kept running whilst holding his brother, trying to head towards the direction of the figure that grabbed Jared. “Follow me kids.” the voice instructed. Ry wasn’t about to question it, they had saved Jared after all. In no time, the group had arrived at a cabin. “Quickly, come in.” The mysterious man told them. “You can let me down now, Ry” Max pointed out. “Oh, right” Ry said. Ry put down Max, and the two went through the cabin door, both wondering what awaits them. It was darker inside the cabin than it was outside, only being lit up faintly by the sunlight that is sneaking through the cracks of the window curtains. There was a dark green sofa chair in one corner of the room, and a cluttered desk against the left side of the cabin. A backpack with supplies surrounding it was on the floor. “What in the world were you kids actually thinking?!” The man barked. “I don’t know how you kids even managed to get in this forest, but now you’ve gotten yourselves and me into a bunch of trouble.” The man had to be in his late 20’s, kind of tall. It looked as if the man had seen and experienced some tough things. He was covered in dirt and scratches. “We don’t know how we got here.” Ry admitted. “What? Now is not the time to be lying to me kid!” The man snapped. “My brother isn’t lying.” Max said with a stern face. “I fall asleep in my bed, and all of a sudden wake up in this weird forest. It was so weird, I thought I was in a dream, and that my brother and friend were just a part of the dream. But no, I find out this is all somehow real. We somehow ended up in this alternate world where Pokemon are real.” “I’ve never heard something so ridiculous in my life.” The man said, scratching his head. “weren’t you confused about how we got in this forest? How do you suppose we did?” Ry questioned. “The forest is blocked off and being guarded 24/7 to make sure no kid walks in. So yeah, that is a mystery. What your brother said is ridiculous but he sounded completely serious.” The man acknowledged. “But what do you mean about an alternate world where Pokemon are real, kid?” “He means we aren’t from a world like this where those creatures actually exist. We have creatures, but not like that terrifying Butterfree.” Jared chimed in, appearing to get over his state of shock. “Then how do you know about Pokemon?” The man quizzed. “Pokemon are in a video game, and an animated television show. In the games you begin with your own partner Pokemon, and fight against other people’s own Pokemon and you capture wild Pokemon and build your team and challenge tougher opponents.” Max explained to the man. “What the devil? How would anybody capture one of these creatures, let alone get it to fight for them?” The man marveled. “What? You don’t know about Pokeballs!?” Ry exclaimed. “Pokeballs? Really, you kids are something, you’re definitely from another world.” The man mouthed. “What are you doing out here yourself then?” Ry puzzled. “I come out here to study the Pokemon. I don’t capture them, us people stay as far away from them as possible. It is easier to handle some that end up running wild in our towns. But in here, it is their territory. If I can know what they can do before they end up in our towns, it helps. It could save us from that accident ever happening again..” The man’s stone face gave off a grim look for an instant. “For instance, by studying it before, I was able to find out that creature Butterfree releases highly toxic dust.” The man added. “I’m just wondering, how do you know to call it Butterfree? We only call it that because it is the name in the games, but it doesn’t look like you have a Pokedex to tell you its name.” Max wondered. “That is the name my team and I came up with. I don’t have more time for trivial questions. Listen, kids. I wasn’t angry for no reason. We really are in big trouble. I no longer believe this situation is to blame on you, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are in big trouble.” The man admitted. “How are we in such big trouble?” Ry asked. “Earlier, your friend here let out a very loud scream, and I had to let out a warning yell. But after your friend screamed, it was already too late. The Pokemon in the forest will now be stirred up. Normally I’d be able to sneak through and avoid trouble. As long as I be careful and don’t get too close, I’d be okay. But now angry Pokemon that have been awakened will be roaming. If we wait for things to settle, it will be dark by then.” The man explained. “I know there isn’t much room or blankets, but can’t we camp out here? Max wondered. “We could, but I don’t have anymore supplies, we will all starve. We won’t be able to sleep at all in here, so we will end up sleep deprived and deprived of food. We’ll be weakened and more vulnerable to prey.” The man said. “Shouldn’t we be fine as long as we don’t pull a Jared and try and touch the Pokemon?” Max asked. Jared shoved his hand into Max and Max laughed. “I wish this were something to laugh about. No more wasting my time! We need to get moving now.” The man asserted. The mood in the room instantly changed, the boys began to feel the fear that was reeking from the man. The boys followed the man out the cabin door, now out in the open, no more security. The man pointed his long arms towards the direction behind the cabin. “This is the way we need to go. This Cabin is located directly in the middle of the forest, so it will take awhile. Stay close to me, and keep up the pace. We can’t afford to waste time.” He instructed. The boys kept quiet as they followed the man. He was intimidating, but they all felt secure in his presence. The group had slowly advanced through the thick forest, it had been a few minutes when the man motioned for them to stop. “Look here.” The man whispered, pointing at what looked like a normal cluster of plants. “What about them?” Ry asked quietly. “Avoid stepping on them, they are Oddish burying themselves in the ground. If we disturb them, we could get poisoned.” He cautioned. The group detoured around the group of Oddish. “This dude sure knows a lot.” Jared thought to himself. “This is so cool, it feels like the beginning to a brand new journey.” Ry whispered cheerily to Max and Jared. The boys were smiling, continuing to walk behind the man. The forest stayed thick, and it was surprisingly quiet. The man halted to a stop and quickly motioned the boys to follow him, as he bolted into a large bush. Up ahead were two creatures facing off, visibly angry. “Whoa! That looks like a Swellow and a Pidgeot. They look so fierce.” Ry gawked. Swellow is a bird that is a dark blue, red, and white color. It has a sharp yellow beak and black talons just as sharp. It is just a bit over 2 feet tall, smaller than Pidgeots stature of just under 5 feet, though it is just as powerful. Pidgeot has large wings and also has sharp talons, along with a short hooked beak. It has majestic red and yellow feathers streaming off of the crown of its head that flow down its back. Its body is a light brown and cream color. The two birds started to squawk, and the man noticed something. “It looks like they are having a dispute over food.” He pointed out. Behind the swellow, lied the carcass of a Caterpie. A large green caterpillar about a foot tall, it was a juicy meal for the bird Pokemon in the area. Its insides were pouring out, it appears the Swellow was about to feast and was interrupted. “I don’t think even the best nurse Joy can save that Caterpie now” Max uttered. The birds clashed as the Pidgeot darted at Swellow. Swellow retaliated and launched its enemy back. The birds became blurs of colors almost too fast for the group to see, as they took flight and repeatedly struck each other with their wings and beaks. “Mister what do we do? In this position, we are sitting Psyduck’s.” Jared piped. “Yes, that is true. But if we go towards their food, we will be dead Psyduck.” The man stated. “Why don’t we go around?” Ry asked. “We’ve been lucky so far, and going into those dangerous parts while these birds are stirring up the whole area would be suicide. Forward from here is the only way. We have to hope this fight ends fast and that they don’t discover our hiding place.” The man explained. The kids watched the fight through the bushes in awe, the birds were still going at it. They were circling above the food. Feathers were falling, blood dripping. A white glow surrounded the Swellow, all of a sudden it shot towards the direction of the bush everyone was hiding in. Jared was about to let out a scream and the man covered Jared’s mouth. The bird flew directly up right before hitting the bush, and slammed into the Pidgeot with its attack. “That is a special move done by some of the flying Pokemon in this forest.” The man told the boys. “Hey mister, what will we do once we get out of this forest?” Jared asked. “I don’t really know what to do with you kids.” The man replied. “I bet we could help you a lot with knowing stuff on these Pokemon, because we know lots of stuff!” Jared said with a grin. “Maybe I’ll just have to-” The man was cut off, as a massive gust of wind was blown their way. The Pidgeot was angry and flapping up a storm with its wings. The kids felt like they were going to get blown away, they all held onto the man. The bush they were using for cover was blown off the ground by the fierce winds, as were the surrounding plants. The group was out in the open. The creature noticed them, and let out a shattering screech as it continued flapping its wings. If it wanted to, this creature could grab and carry off even the man with how strong it is. The Swellow was knocked out, Pidgeot was the victor. Instead of going to claim its prize, it started towards the group. It was ready for a full on assault. It started to glow and it bolted right towards Ry. In the blink of an eye, it struck. The man was standing in front of Ry, arms crossed, he blocked the attack. The Pidgeot was too quick though, and immediately struck the man with its sharp talons and beak across his arms and chest. “Gaaah!” The man clenched his teeth and groaned in pain, collapsing to the ground. The boys stood there, defenseless. The creature rushed right towards Max. Max braced himself, as Ry jumped in front of him. “Ry no!” Max blurted. “Huh?” Pidgeot stopped dead in its tracks, right in front of Ry. Ry stood there perplexed. The creature flew off in the other direction at jet speed. “How did we get so luck-” Max started, until he heard a sound. BUZZZZZZZZ. “NO! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW, EVERYONE RUN.” The man desperately proclaimed. “ITS BEEDRILL, A WHOLE SWARM!” The buzzing was close. The man began sprinting, blood dripping off of his arms and chest. He was fast, fueled by fear. The boys kept up, feeling how desperate the situation was. “THE DAMN PIDGEOT.” The man paused to breathe. “THE WIND STIRRED UP THE BEEDRILL. THEY’LL GO ON A RAMPAGE THROUGH THE WHOLE FOREST!.” A regular swarm of wasps are dangerous as is, these Beedrill were generally over 3 feet tall, weighing around 65 pounds. A sharp stinger on their back ends, and large pointy stringers on its two arms. Red glossy eyes much like Butterfree, a hard looking yellow shell body with black stripes. Seeing a stinger that huge was terrifying. A huge swarm was darting towards the group, many other furious Beedrill were scattering through the forest on a rampage. “How many are there?!” Ry blurted. “I don’t think any of us want to look back and count! But it sounds like more than we could count on our fingers!” The man replied. There was no room for error, the group had to rush through the brushy forest without tripping, and they realized this. The swarm of angry Beedrill started getting closer and closer, inch by inch. Everyone’s stamina was depleting. “These damn injuries. That Pidgeot screwed us over.” The man spat. “They are catching up fast. That god awful buzzing sound. We only have one chance! Once I spot a place that is good cover, I dive, and you dive after me.” the man instructed. Everyone’s legs were getting worn out, sweat dripped down their face. Out of fear they kept going, but the swarm was closing the gap. In the distance the group saw some cover. This was their chance. “Just.. a little.. further..” Jared thought to himself. Buzzing getting closer, growing more tired. But the cover is right there, they are so close. “Aah!” Jared began to collapse from exhaustion. The man Swiftly grabbed him before he fell to the ground and ran carrying him. Relief swept across the faces of Max and Ry. They were nearly at the cover, but the Beedrill were so close. “Would it really work with them so close? Will they go right past us?” Max wondered to himself. Their course finally led them by the cover. Swoosh! The man leapt into the thick brush and bushes to the left, with Jared in his arms. Ry and Max followed, diving right into the brush. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! The buzzing sound got more and more distant. “It actually worked.” Max mouthed. “You were lucky I was observing you, kid. I saw how exhausted you were and was able to grab you just in time. You would have been a goner.” The man told Jared. “Thank you mister, this is the second time you’ve saved my skin.” Jared said. “Don’t mention it kid. We’ll get out of this damned forest soon. First we need some rest. We don’t have long though, if it gets dark we are goners.” The man pointed out. “Mister, what about those wounds of yours?” Ry asked, concerned. “This happens all the time. It hurts, but it could have been much worse. We just need to focus on getting back to my town in one piece.” The man replied. The boys were amazed at how calm he was, they could tell he was definitely used to this kind of thing. They rested for 5 minutes, then began walking again. “We need to be very cautious. Staying in one place for too long is risky, angry Beedrill are scattered throughout the forest on a rampage. It is a good thing we can hear them coming. If we hear any nearby, we need to get to cover asap. Now lets keep going.” The man urged. “I’m really hungry, there must be some kind of food lying around the forest” Jared thought to himself. The group kept up their stride, no buzzing to be heard. In the corner of his eye, Jared noticed a tree off to the side with berries fallen around it. “Guys, stop for a second.” Jared requested. “What kid? We have to keep going.” The man replied. “Just a second!” Jared said, as he ran off to the right by the tree and began grabbing berries and stuffing his face. “That kid..” The man scoffed. “That’s Jared for you, huh Max?” Ry laughed. THUMP. A huge creature was all of a sudden in front of Jared. A bear that stands upright, almost 6 feet tall. Brown body with a yellow circle on its chest, long sharp white claws. Jared fell backwards and froze, staring into the creatures enraged face, and serious eyes. It was outraged that the boy had just taken its food. “NO!!” The man let out an ear splitting cry, as he rushed towards the creature. “KEEP YOUR DAMN DIRTY PAWS OFF OF HIM!” the man shouted. The man tackled the bear with all his might and knocked it back. Pow pow pow pow pow! The man let out a flurry of punches against the bear, connecting with its snout and the side of its head multiple times. The creature was dazed but struck back in a rage, clawing the man in his wound that was still unhealed. He got knocked back next to Jared, then quickly got up and locked his arms against the creature, trying to hold it back from getting near Jared. The man was staring this enraged creature straight in the face. He wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long. Ry and Max dashed over. “STAY BACK KIDS” The man yelled. Normally the kids would listen to the man, but they could tell he needed their help whether he liked it or not. The boys quickly looked and found the biggest rocks they could, and dashed at the creature and both at once jumped up and slammed the back of the creatures head with the rocks. The creature fell down, the attack was effective. The man looked at Ry and Max to thank them, but they looked mortified. “TURN AROUND!” Ry cried with agony. The man quickly turned back. His eyes instantly widened and he opened his mouth wide. A Beedrill’s stinger had lodged itself into Jared’s neck from behind, and it was pointing out the front of his throat, blood was gushing. “WHY.. YOU!” The man shot. He went berserk and was seething with rage. He sprinted towards the Beedrill, it ripped its stinger out of Jared like a sword that impaled someone being ripped out. Jared was trying to say something, but all that could be heard was gurgling, as his body fell to the ground. The man gripped the creature before it got away, and slammed it to the dirt. He got on top of the creature and barraged it with punches, hitting its hard outer shell and slamming its face. “ALL YOU DAMNED CREATURES, CAN GO TO HELL!” The man screamed. The man got stung by the creatures stingers, but ignored the pain; his mental pain was far worse. He pounded the creature to a pulp, its blood covered his hands and splattered over himself. Tears streamed down the mans face as he kept pounding the already lifeless carcass. Ry and Max stood by looking in disbelief at their dead friend, listening to the gushy sound of the mans fists slamming into the Beedrill’s carcass. Max fell to his knees and cried on top of Jared’s corpse. All of a sudden Ry sensed something coming. It didn’t sound like a Beedrill, but.. “MAX!” SLASH. Blood dripped to the ground. Ry had jumped in front of Max and protected him. Sharp scythes from the creature dug into Ry’s body. It was a green Pokemon with ninja like speed that resembled a praying mantis if it were the size of a 5 foot human. Right after the creature slashed Ry’s body, while he was close to the creature he grabbed it and held it from behind. He had a lock around the creatures arms, it couldn’t use its sharp scythe arms or even move. “You aren’t.. Going to hurt my brother.” Ry gasped. Blood kept dripping off of Ry. “I guess you were hungry. My friend and my brother aren’t going to become meals for you, you monster!” Ry cried. The man looked over at the commotion and couldn’t believe his eyes. “That’s.. The creature responsible for the massacre.” The man’s memory leapt back to that time. There was a playground in town, it was close to the edge of the forest. Some of the Pokemon came out of the forest, they were friendly with the kids. The kids fed some of them food, and some of the creatures even played on the slides with them. They all loved going to the playground. This included the man’s daughter. Everyone had so much fun. There was never any reason to be concerned about the safety of the children at the playground. Until one day, when the man went to go check on his daughter. He arrived, and corpses of children were everywhere. Fresh blood flowing down the slide. Blood splatter in the sand box. Teeter totters with dead toddlers. And there was the man’s daughter. A green creature feeding on her remains. The man rushed over and the creature disappeared in an instant. His precious daughter was cut open, her body was lifeless. She was gone, and never coming back. The man sobs over her body. He swore to never let this happen again, he swore to protect all the remaining and the future children. He was going to learn more about these creatures. Here the man was, facing the green creature again. The man grabbed onto the base of the creatures arms whilst Ry was still holding it, his grip was so tight that the creature let out a shriek. The man put his foot against the creatures chest, and jerked hard and tore off both its arms. The green creature shrieked even louder, letting out an ear penetrating scream of agony. Ry released his grip, then fell to his knees. The man put his foot down against the creatures limbless body, keeping it down as it continued making sounds of pain. It was squirming under his foot. “Kid, how bad is it?” The man asked. Ry lifted his shirt, and revealed a large deep cut across his whole chest, that was continuing to bleed. It was too late. “I love you, Max. Please, you need to-” Ry collapsed on the ground. Max crawled over to Ry’s corpse, and cried over him. “Please, no, no, no, this can’t be real. W-wake up, Max, breakfast is ready.. It’s time for school.” Max kept sobbing. “Kid, I failed you all. This was never supposed to happen again. But I failed. At least, before it is all over, I can get a last bit of closure.” The man uttered. He stared at the struggling limbless creature beneath him. The man used its own scythe arms against it, and began cutting all around its body. It wouldn’t stop shrieking. “Shut up.” The man said sternly, as his put his boot in the creature’s mouth. Its sounds of suffering were muffled. The man felt weak, he realized he didn’t have much more time. He put all his weight in the boot and forced it on the creature’s jaw, crushing its head. “Kid, what is it like? In your world. Is it this bad?” The man wondered. Max wiped tears off his face. “No.. It isn’t like this. Creatures like butterfree are harmless and fit in your palm in our world. Beedrill are the size of a coin. Though their stings are painful, there aren’t giant birds blowing wind that will provoke them. There are still some harmful creatures, but not like this.” Max explained to the man. “So.. Would you be safe playing in the forest?” The man asked. “Yes, I play in the forest all the time. The creatures usually stay away from noise. Bears are just as scary, but I’ve never encountered one. The momma bears protecting their children are what you gotta watch out for.” Max replied. “If only I could have protected my child, and all of you. Kid, this is my end.” The man mouthed. “What?! What is wrong?!” Max worried. “When I was pounding that Beedrill, it poisoned me. The poison has slowly been going through my body. I would have brought that damned green devil more pain, but I felt myself growing weaker. I’m sorry kid, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you and your precious friend and brother. I wish that Pokemon weren’t real.” The man gasped with his last breath, and then collapsed. “So this is what Pokemon being real means.” Max said to himself. He looked at the scene, one he never expected to see. Crushed remains of Pokemon. His friend Jared with a hole in his throat and blood surrounding him. His brother Ry collapsed with even more blood on him and around him. The man now lifeless too, bloodied from his own injuries and the blood of the Pokemon he crushed. A small brown bear that looked like a teddy bear that could walk came near and sniffed the blood. Max turned and saw the large bear Pokemon from earlier. “The momma bears protecting their children are what you gotta watch out for.”


Perks of Astral Travel

Astral travel is astral projection except you are traveling around the astral world. Which is a version of the real world, except you are in an out of body form. Just think about it, you’d be able to travel anywhere you desire in an instant, free of cost. Time isn’t of any worry, you are using time you would normally be sleeping to instead travel around the world to where you want. It wouldn’t be good to be using the dream/ astral world as a form of escapism from the real world, but with how stressful the real world can be, how could you blame anybody for wanting to escape it with this. If there were some pill to make people able to instantly escape their body, everyone would be using it. People don’t astral project now because they don’t have the time and it isn’t something that can really be verified unless you do it yourself. I still don’t know if it is real, but I do know I’ve been in a situation where I’ve tried to escape my body and ended up sleep paralyzed, and it got me thinking that sleep paralysis is the realm between the real world and the astral. That is why people can see strange creatures. That is besides the point, though. If you were truly able to acquire the skill of astral projection, you could go anywhere in the world. Fly through the sky, across the ocean. Maybe even cruise through the ocean? I hadn’t thought of that before. I wonder if you’d be able to dive deep into the ocean and still see, then you’d be able to see undiscovered things that lie in the ocean. The world is becoming a dangerous place, sometimes people’s travels end up being their demise. It isn’t good to let fear control your life, but if you are too scared and are bound by your home, astral travel could be a way for you to experience everything you want while staying safe. Also it may be money and a schedule problem that is holding you back. If you had the ability to astral travel, that would be no problem. You don’t have to bother spending money or setting up things for the trip, you can just decide to go. You can see anything you want to see. I’m not sure how real it would feel, but it seems like it would feel pretty realistic. The only thing is, you wouldn’t be able to eat delicious foreign foods with this means of travel, and you wouldn’t be able to interact with certain things. It would still be an amazing experience; it would definitely beat a regular night of sleep.


Living off the grid- How hard could it be?

This is something I’ve pondered over in the past- living off the grid. It seems so desirable, being away from the noise of the world, not having to depend on anyone else. The major perk to achieving such a thing is the feeling of independence. I’ll go through the negatives and positives, and how difficult it would be.

The Positive

You don’t have to depend on anybody else. No one else is there controlling you or influencing you. If you are living in the public, sure you can have more freedom if you have more money, but you are still bound by societal rules. You have to pay taxes, depend on the government for food, give them money if you want your own house, pay money towards a car- gas money and maintaining it. There will be people that will need to know all of your information for you to participate in society, you need identification. You have to participate in the school system. Off the grid, you could live how you want to, and if you were to have kids you could raise them however you wanted. Natural child birth is a thing, where the woman gives birth in water. There are videos of the process on youtube, and it is very fascinating. If a couple lived off the grid and had natural child birth, I suppose it would be possible for a kid to be raised without having to participate in society? Either way, the perks are the independence and the quiet you would have.

The Negative

The negatives in this case really depend on the person. Nowadays though, I feel it would be very hard for people to live off the grid. To live off of the grid, you would need to grow/hunt/ scavenge for your own food. If you were used to this then that would be all good, but the majority of people just don’t have a diet like that. People are too hooked on sweets and processed foods. It kind of does seem like this is a way the government is confining people, by getting them stuck on this kind of diet. People get addicted and as a result suffer with various deadly diseases. Obesity is a huge problem, no pun intended. Especially in America. People will keep running back to the stores for more junk food. If someone was willing to change their diet though, then good for them. You’d also need to build your own house though, which is no easy task. You could get it built for you and still live off the grid, but that would be very costly. Also the fact that you would need to buy property unless you find some mystic land that people haven’t been to. Hell maybe you could discover an uninhabited island, but that wouldn’t be easy. Before you even attempt to go off the grid, you’d need to get a lot of money and prepare everything. Your shelter and food. The winter won’t be easy without heat, unless you train your whole family under the Wim Hof method, you’d need to either get a wood stove in your house or have a LOT of blankets. The other thing about this is, living off the grid would be awfully boring to most people. If you have a lover and child at least you wouldn’t be lonely, but still. The thing about society is there is lots of excitement, even if there are a lot of negatives. Society is like a double edged sword with some pleasures that come back to stab you right in the heart. Society as a whole can’t be explained so black and white like that though. You wouldn’t be able to have internet access, that would be impossible for some.


It did seem like I had more to say about the negatives because of the difficulties that would arise, but in the end it really depends on the person. It is just the truth most people wouldn’t be able to do this, not many really have this desire anyways. But if they were to, there are lots of things to take into account, many more I didn’t touch upon I’m sure. Adjusting to this kind of lifestyle would not be easy. Maybe it would be good to go off the grid as you get very old. When I have dusty old bones I will probably be able to go into virtual reality and go off the grid that way. But for now, I guess going on a camping trip would be enough to quench this thirst.


Starting a new game

Life, this journey we are on, is kind of like a game. It is our story and we are playing as ourselves. We are the main character of this game. People tend to think they are more important than they actually are, or they’d like to, but it is true we are all main characters of our personal games. Even if the game isn’t that exciting, it is still your game. Games can get old and boring though.  Obviously the game of life is more complex with infinite challenges to unlock, but what are we supposed to do, just unlock as many challenges as we can? It is impossible to unlock every challenge based on the length of the game, so that isn’t reason enough to really want to play the game. Sometimes trying the same things with the same character just gets old. You can drastically change your character if you try, but changing your nature is impossible. You’ll still be that same character, and noticeable changes wouldn’t happen without lots of dedication, which can be easily disrupted. It would be far more simple and desirable to just start a new game with a new character. A character in a different circumstance and with different traits. It would be like reincarnation in a way. But perhaps you could load up the save file at a certain point, it would just be fun to control as that character for a little while. Imagine completely changing nature and everything in just an instant, entering the bodies and minds of others. Then you could unbiased, experience things from the perspective of others. Perhaps if you played on that save file enough and are able to go back to your original game, you could gain the traits of that character. Stuff like this could be possible with virtual reality someday, if it could envelope you enough into a different world. But you can’t just pause your real game, your own life. So you’d have to already be in a place of comfort and non worry in your own life, or else you’d suffer the consequences if you submerged into another game for a long time.


People hate change

Thinking about a certain topic- taste in music, led me to think about how much people hate change. There are some types of people that just take in every kind of music, new and old alike, but they are pretty scarce. Most people indulge in one or two genres of music exclusively, and reject all other genres. People stick to what they are used to, so they probably got used to a music type while growing up, and other sounds just don’t sound right to them. I know it is like that for me with rap music. Though there are some rap songs I found I enjoyed, the majority just turn me off because of the way they sound. I am used to a classic pop and classic rock sound. Now on to the more broad topic of change. People don’t only hate change, but some people can’t change. Like with habits, people get trapped. Habits are a whole other topic to tackle. But yeah, changing yourself, changing what you are used to, that is hard. It is why obesity and many other health problems today are hurting people (especially in the US), people get used to this certain kind of taste, and they don’t want that to stop. This is a difficult problem because healthy food is more expensive and unhealthy food is less expensive and more convenient to grab. It doesn’t mean it is unsolvable, but many people won’t change unless someone else intervenes or they find reason to change in themselves. If someone has family and are at risk of dying, that would be their motivation to change. That shows how hard it is for people to change, that they have to wait until they are at the verge of death before they do anything about it. Some people won’t even stop a habit if they know it will kill them, because it is just that hard to change. I remember before when I was an early teen/preteen, I realized my soda drinking was having effect on me. I used to be one of the fastest runners of my friends, but then I wasn’t. I was just consuming too much soda. Of course you can’t quit something you are used to instantly unless it disappeared, but that would just really mess with somebody. What I ended up doing was having other sugary drinks that were less harmful than the soda to stop my dependency on it. Iced tea is what I had, and then switched to apple juice/ grape juice. Then drank more water. Changing is definitely not an easy process. If I were to throw myself a bone and drink more soda, I would start craving much more. I just have to keep control. My wish isn’t to ban it from myself completely because it is something I enjoy, but just to limit it. If I didn’t find reason to change, that habit would have probably continued. Since I have fast metabolism I stayed skinny, but I was still physically unhealthy. I’m sure a change in size would have made me more motivated to get in shape, but that is just not how my body works. I at least was able to find motivation enough to change because I had a desire to be healthy. Even with my lifestyle of being on the computer and playing video games, I had the desire to change. Though this computer habit is still a problem. Damn change is hard!


Bigfoot is a woman? This is her story. Writing prompt #1

Bigfoot is a mysterious creature. At this point, the majority believe his existence is a joke. They believe anyone who thinks he is real is crazy. Everyone played right into Bigfoot’s big hands. Bigfoot is real, he is very real. He isn’t even a he, he is a she. Well she is a she, she is not he. Bigfoot equals a woman. She never told me her real name, it was obvious she still didn’t want to be identified. I’ll never forget this girl I met on that fateful camping trip. Perhaps I’ll write about the trip itself another time. For now though, I’ll focus on what the girl told me. This girl at the moment was a very pretty girl with stunning bright blue eyes that would catch anyone’s eyes, I was captivated. It of course made believing her story even harder. A girl like this walks up to me and tells me she is Bigfoot, and I’m supposed to believe her? It had to be a joke, I thought to myself. But then the more I observed, I realized she was very tall. It made her even more like a model, though. But then I look and see her big feet. But some women just happen to have big feet. Bigfoot was known for his big feet yeah, but he was more known for being a weird freakish hairy bipedal creature. I admit that I thought she was messing with me, but then I realized how serious her tone was. I couldn’t detect a lie. So I kept listening to what she had to say. This woman told me that she actually had a normal childhood, and used to be a normal sized child. She had lots of friends, her life was great. But then once the magic age of puberty hit, her life was changed forever. She grew tall and her feet got pretty big. That would have been bearable though. The unbearable part, was being as hairy as a bear. Her hair grew and grew and grew. It was everywhere, over her whole body. Her parents thought she was a freak and disowned her. She was a very beautiful girl, with very beautiful high class parents. Parents who bragged about her all the time, but then this happened. They didn’t want to face the embarrassment. Those cowards. She believes that they ended up making up some kind of story about her disappearance. She didn’t dare go and prove that wrong, because she just wanted to be away from people herself. She had no desire to be a member of society anymore. She just couldn’t. Her life would never be the same. So she fled into deep woods, where she could be at peace. But other people go to the woods, and of course she would still draw attention to herself. She couldn’t have just hid in a cave the rest of her life, she wanted to see more of the world. Bigfoot had a plan, though. She knew it was risky to draw attention to herself, but the plan was to draw attention away from her by drawing too much attention to her. Making her end up like an overused joke, so eventually people don’t want to hear from it at all. Bigfoot ended up getting the help of an outdoorsman she found in the woods. She intimidated him, and got him to take a photo of her. The photo spread, and the world was fascinated with Bigfoot. But it all just ended up seeming like a hoax. Her work was pretty much done there too, because a bunch of people ended up staging sightings, making the whole Bigfoot thing lose more credibility. So when people do end up actually seeing her, she is safe. If necessary she can shave all the hair off her body, though the reason she cant keep that up and live normally is because there is still all the hair follicles covering the whole body in places that it shouldn’t be. It grows back fast, she can’t keep up with it. Before my very eyes I got to see a beautiful woman transform into a beast. She was beauty and the beast in one package. Her existence really is a sad one, but I actually think she is happy with the way things turned out. This is who she is now, and she can be one with nature without worry. Not gonna lie, it would be great to have the whole world be your bathroom. May Bigfoot live in peace for the rest of her life. And soon there will be little feet running around, because I impregnated her.



This post is bananas. What did we do to deserve bananas? Now, bananas are not the best food in the world. That is true. But they are very good for you and taste decent. Bananas are great. That was a lot to take in, but bananas are a lot to take in. I mean the size of some of those things are insane. Some bananas are a little smaller of course, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as delicious. But that is beside the point. I not only eat bananas themselves, but they help make smoothies delicious. They make them smooth and are a key ingredient to some smoothies. And for that, I thank them. I am trying to say we should appreciate bananas more. There is such a wide selection of food, it can be easy to overlook the individual foods. Bananas come from tropical regions and are transported all over the world because of how great they are. Most everyone has that knowledge, but don’t think about that. I certainly will appreciate bananas more.