Obdulia Sanchez and people like her are especially what make me fear driving. She crashed while live streaming to Instagram, and her 14 year old sister died in the crash. Also based on the charges, she was under the influence. I do not recommend looking up the video. In said video after the crash took place, Obdulia Sanchez says how she loves her sister to death, while she points her phone at her and streams her sisters bloodied corpse for the world to see. She deserves to be behind bars to ensure the safety of others.

This kind of thing really makes me not want to drive at all. There are lots of people like this on the road that aren’t even thinking of the consequences their reckless behavior could have. Not only is being under the influence while driving a problem, many people just make errors. In this case though, errors will cost you. Usually failing can be used to learn your lesson and help you do better next time, but there very well could be no next time if you fail in driving. What sucks too is no matter how much you were to sharpen your driving skills, some idiot could mess things up for you. It just takes one irresponsible driver to ruin your life. Not like every time you drive you enter a war zone, but it is like you are putting your life in the hands of complete strangers. Unfortunately this just can’t be helped, people have places to be, and I don’t think the world is changing anytime soon.

Yeah well now that all the grim thoughts are out of my head, I will now think about the possibilities of the future. Of course everyone is waiting for teleportation to be a thing. The only thing is, will there be any restrictions to it? Because in this day and age of the iPhone, privacy already is an issue. We don’t need creeps being able to teleport into our homes any time they wish. It would probably need to be something with a device like a phone. If you get a phone call, you have to first press a button and answer the call before they can talk to you. If the same concept could be done with teleportation, that would be great. Though if the whole teleportation thing could be hacked like a computer, that would just be a disaster. If teleportation were to become a thing I believe it would need to be between two linked devices. Or rather many linked devices that link to one main device, which would be a teleportation station. There could be designated teleportation stations around the world. At first they would be limited, and only certain people could access them. Later on though, more and more would be everywhere. Restricting the amount of people to use them at first would be necessary since everyone would want to use it. It would end up worse than the inside of Walmart during a Black Friday sale. Once there are zones pretty much everywhere like telephone poles, everyone could access them. The device could have a limit based on how many people are in the area though. It would actually be like a server in the way it has a limit of the amount of people that can be on it. The idea of this is crazy though, how exactly would it be done? Probably something like dematerializing your body and sending it that distance at super fast speeds, then you re-materialize. Though who knows if you will dematerialize in the same way. Either way though, I probably shouldn’t doubt science. If teleportation doesn’t end up being possible, I wouldn’t be opposed to a giant slip and slide system that goes across the whole world.


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