Astral projection is something that instantly caught my attention when I heard about it. Eventually through my fascination with dreams and lucid dreaming, I had come across the topic of astral projection. I had looked up stuff about it, tracked down people that have knowledge about it, and tried to learn techniques on how to do it. People were making wild claims about it, and I wanted to figure out for myself if those claims were true. The most fascinating thing I heard, is that you can essentially time travel. Though you can’t go to the future, I was told it is possible to explore the past. That got me thinking of a lot of things. If this was possible, then what are people doing bothering with going to museums? You’d be able to see what these things looked like when they were alive. Of course, only if this were true that is. Is it true? I still don’t know. There is really no telling whether it would just be a realistic dream or not. For instance if you tried verifying this by going to a time in your personal past, could that just be your mind making it up? If you were to go to a past unknown to you, could it again, just be your mind making things up? I suppose one way to verify, is to go to the past and witness a personal experience of someone else, and then in the waking world you confront that person and figure out if that were true.

I had one time when I actually seemed to successfully escape my body. I had done this technique where you just roll out of your body. There is another where you imagine a rope above your head and you grab it and pull it and escape your body that way. And you never physically move your body in any of these techniques, you actually try to be as still as possible. Anyways, when I had successfully rolled out of my body, I kind of fell like a feather to my floor. Then I remember doing a handstand on my bed, and falling down onto my body and then I woke up. This could have been a dream too, but I am uncertain. Either way I have not been able to verify if astral projection really is a thing, and if you can do some of the thing people claim you can do. There was another time before when I was trying to force myself out of my body during sleep paralysis, but it just felt so scary. And during other times for some reason, I felt immense fear and didn’t even want to try to escape my body even if I could. Even though when awake I really have the desire to do it, I found myself fearing it when it came to the opportunity. This tells me there is some mental prep that needs to be done, that can perhaps be done during meditation. Either way this is very interesting to me, and I will hopefully someday be able to unlock the mysteries to astral projection.


4 thoughts on “Astral Projection (It is possible to time travel?)

  1. You can astral project to future events. I’m not sure about very far into the future because I have yet to figure that out myself. I have however gone to the future. Which I will be blogging about soon. About you being scared, it’s normal. I use to get scared when I started trying to astral project. The feeling of the unknown can scared anyone. The key is to always remind yourself that you’re protected. Remind yourself that sleep paralysis is the normal process of astral projecting. It takes practice but just keep reminding yourself. Always tell yourself that nothing will harm you in the astral world. The key to astral projecting is believing and positivity. You can’t think that something is out to get you. You need to get rid of the fear and being nervous. Once you accomplish that, you can astral travel without a problem.

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    1. Wow that is very interesting. I’ve heard about an ability where you can see multiple futures, like what will happen if you make a certain decision. This is something attributed to meditation. Then using that, you could choose the decision that would have the best outcome. I’ll definitely check out your blog post when you post it! And thank you very much for the tips, I will try and remember that. I haven’t had an experience for awhile, just a dream about attempting astral projection. I’ll try and get rid of the fear and hopefully be able to astral project, I really want to know what it is like. Good luck with figuring out more about traveling into the future !

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      1. I’ll look into them for sure! I’ve always loved how crystals look. Hopefully soon I can try out astral projection again, I suppose I’ll try the setting an alarm early thing. And thinking about it more helps I think.

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