What lies in store for me? I’m sure many are wondering this. I’ve seen many people dead set on what they want to do for what seems like their whole lives. As if they knew they wanted to be a Toe doctor when they were still in diapers. This was their dream, and they have been chasing that dream for so long, and they have complete direction in life. They have a plan, and nothing is messing with that plan. That person I just described is me. If I happened to have direction in my life. Which I don’t. So yeah, that isn’t me. I know many people are in this same boat, just chillin out. But it is not relaxing at all, it feels like this boat will have holes and could leak at any moment. Or it is like a little dinky boat, and you feel like you’ll never upgrade to a bigger nicer boat if you can’t find direction. For me, figuring out what I want to do is difficult. I recently graduated high school and am going to college soon. I couldn’t find a job and my endeavors to make money from home aren’t amounting to much. So for now I will just keep writing and see what happens. Either way, I know getting myself to do this writing is valuable. I think one of my problems is committing to something all the way. I see something that I may want to do, but I don’t delve into it fully incase it doesn’t work out. When I really should be committing to it all the way. Some aren’t in the best positions to do this either, but many people take those risks and it pays off. I’m glad I at least have chosen to go to college, I do believe it will help me find direction. And with it being community college, it won’t be as much debt. So hopefully this will help me find my direction. It is possible I won’t right away, but I’ll just have to wait and see. Everyone wants success to lie in their future. But not everyone can be successful. It is pretty sad if you think about it. There are crushed dreams everywhere. People who have dreams to do something or become something, but can’t because of the realities of life. Sure if they really tried they could have made it happen, but if everyone else were to really try, then not everyone could get what they want. You’d have to be trying harder than another person. It would just end up being about who wants it more. This is just how society can function though, there are probably few who grew up wanting to be a garbage man. But someone needs to do the job. Things will get more interesting as robots take more and more jobs. I hope my dreams don’t get taken away from me by robots.


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