This post is bananas. What did we do to deserve bananas? Now, bananas are not the best food in the world. That is true. But they are very good for you and taste decent. Bananas are great. That was a lot to take in, but bananas are a lot to take in. I mean the size of some of those things are insane. Some bananas are a little smaller of course, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as delicious. But that is beside the point. I not only eat bananas themselves, but they help make smoothies delicious. They make them smooth and are a key ingredient to some smoothies. And for that, I thank them. I am trying to say we should appreciate bananas more. There is such a wide selection of food, it can be easy to overlook the individual foods. Bananas come from tropical regions and are transported all over the world because of how great they are. Most everyone has that knowledge, but don’t think about that. I certainly will appreciate bananas more.


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