Bigfoot is a mysterious creature. At this point, the majority believe his existence is a joke. They believe anyone who thinks he is real is crazy. Everyone played right into Bigfoot’s big hands. Bigfoot is real, he is very real. He isn’t even a he, he is a she. Well she is a she, she is not he. Bigfoot equals a woman. She never told me her real name, it was obvious she still didn’t want to be identified. I’ll never forget this girl I met on that fateful camping trip. Perhaps I’ll write about the trip itself another time. For now though, I’ll focus on what the girl told me. This girl at the moment was a very pretty girl with stunning bright blue eyes that would catch anyone’s eyes, I was captivated. It of course made believing her story even harder. A girl like this walks up to me and tells me she is Bigfoot, and I’m supposed to believe her? It had to be a joke, I thought to myself. But then the more I observed, I realized she was very tall. It made her even more like a model, though. But then I look and see her big feet. But some women just happen to have big feet. Bigfoot was known for his big feet yeah, but he was more known for being a weird freakish hairy bipedal creature. I admit that I thought she was messing with me, but then I realized how serious her tone was. I couldn’t detect a lie. So I kept listening to what she had to say. This woman told me that she actually had a normal childhood, and used to be a normal sized child. She had lots of friends, her life was great. But then once the magic age of puberty hit, her life was changed forever. She grew tall and her feet got pretty big. That would have been bearable though. The unbearable part, was being as hairy as a bear. Her hair grew and grew and grew. It was everywhere, over her whole body. Her parents thought she was a freak and disowned her. She was a very beautiful girl, with very beautiful high class parents. Parents who bragged about her all the time, but then this happened. They didn’t want to face the embarrassment. Those cowards. She believes that they ended up making up some kind of story about her disappearance. She didn’t dare go and prove that wrong, because she just wanted to be away from people herself. She had no desire to be a member of society anymore. She just couldn’t. Her life would never be the same. So she fled into deep woods, where she could be at peace. But other people go to the woods, and of course she would still draw attention to herself. She couldn’t have just hid in a cave the rest of her life, she wanted to see more of the world. Bigfoot had a plan, though. She knew it was risky to draw attention to herself, but the plan was to draw attention away from her by drawing too much attention to her. Making her end up like an overused joke, so eventually people don’t want to hear from it at all. Bigfoot ended up getting the help of an outdoorsman she found in the woods. She intimidated him, and got him to take a photo of her. The photo spread, and the world was fascinated with Bigfoot. But it all just ended up seeming like a hoax. Her work was pretty much done there too, because a bunch of people ended up staging sightings, making the whole Bigfoot thing lose more credibility. So when people do end up actually seeing her, she is safe. If necessary she can shave all the hair off her body, though the reason she cant keep that up and live normally is because there is still all the hair follicles covering the whole body in places that it shouldn’t be. It grows back fast, she can’t keep up with it. Before my very eyes I got to see a beautiful woman transform into a beast. She was beauty and the beast in one package. Her existence really is a sad one, but I actually think she is happy with the way things turned out. This is who she is now, and she can be one with nature without worry. Not gonna lie, it would be great to have the whole world be your bathroom. May Bigfoot live in peace for the rest of her life. And soon there will be little feet running around, because I impregnated her.


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